Saturday, 4 February 2012

TiDak SeMpurNa hiDup -Q- Tnpe Mu

Not perfect?! Not because BoyFriends !! All know what? what a friend? friend is someone who is most easy for us to be affected ..But The Way .. in my life, I have 5 friends that I dearly love .im happy with them .. they understand each other and sometimes, fighting too! huhu .. every time we break will always be with us even different classes at school .. we did not mind though different classes, forstudying in the last class we can be successful even .. and our mission "We will fight tooth and nail to be successful and happy parents, families and communities ..(Hanis) . < he is friendly and sweet .. when he promised he would pledge what she says! that's what I like about him ..he was a committed and hardworking .. (Sarah) < high a funny and clever people >  elt that I did not want to comment again .. I want to pray .. then .. ok .. I continue, wassalam

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